Wheel Alignment

john_bean_1Coastbay Auto service Centre has the latest in state of the art wheel alignment technology. Our John Bean wheel aligner offers front and rear alignment. Maximise your tyre foot print on road by ensuring your wheel alignment is correct. It features highly accurate determination of

  • Advanced vehicle dimension measurement
  • Vehicle track width
  • Front and rear wheel set back
  • Live 3D modelling
  • Cradle adjustment
  • Caster measurement
  • Drag link adjustment
  • Tie rod adjustment
  • Front and rear camber adjustment
  • Front and rear shim adjustment

john_bean_2Wheel alignment ensures that the angles of the four wheels of a vehicle are set to track correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Misalignment causes a range of problems, such as increased tyre wear and the vehicle pulling to one side, both of which are a safety issue. There are two alignment angles that affect wheel alignment. The primary alignment angles affect the direction of the wheels in relation to the drive train, the car body and each other and are carried out with camber, caster and toe adjustments. There are numerous secondary alignment angle adjustments, which relate mainly to steering and wheelbase geometry.