Frequently Asked Questions

Will it void my warrantee if Coastbay does my log book service?

No.We can perform a log book service without fear that it will affect your new car warranty. We perform the service by the book and in most cases at a more competitive price than the dealer. We have all the latest computer diagnostic equipment so you know your vehicle is in safe hands.

How long will my service take?

A basic minor service can be performed in one to two hours, while a major service or log book service will take longer. If you wish to wait for your vehicle, we recommend a spot of shopping across the road at Ashmore City Shopping Centre. We also have hire cars available from $20 a day or if you live in the local area we offer a drop off and pick up service.

Does Coastbay use genuine parts?

Here at Coastbay Automotive we use a mixture of genuine and non genuine parts when repairing your vehicle. We use what is best suited and cost-effective for the job. Aftermarket parts are often the same quality quality and at a much more competitive price. We use and recommend Valvoline oils, lubricants and oil filters. We also stock leading brands such as Bosch, Bendix, NGK, Tridon and Wesfil to keep your car motoring along.

 How often should i get a wheel alignment?

 Here at Coastbay Automotive we recommend your vehicle has a wheel alignment every 10,000km. Pot holes, tyres hitting curbs and general wear and tear, all takes its toll on your vehicles wheel alignment. Correct wheel alignment not only keeps your vehicle safe but save you money. Correct alignment makes your tyres last longer, steer and track better, and feel better on the road. When you book your service with us, why not get a wheel alignment as well. Contact us today.

Is a brake check part of the service?

Yes. We carry out a thorough brake check when we carry out a service on your vehicle. We check your vehicle for brake pad wear, brake rotor wear, brake drum/ shoe wear, handbrake wear and adjustment, brake hose condition and brake fluid condition. Our inspection can give you peace of mind that your car will be safe for you and your family.