What’s a Log Book Service?

A log book services are a comprehensive schedule of servicing specified by vehicle manufacturers necessary to maintain the warranty.

The relevant information on servicing requirements up to 200,000km and the recording of services are all in the log book itself. The log book specifies what needs to be done and it should say how long the service should take to avoid being overcharged. Having a completed log book can also increase the resale value of the vehicle.

Many people think that they have to go back to the car dealership’s nominated mechanic for your log book service to not void the warranty. But in reality this is far from the truth. You are free to have your log book service carried out by any reputable and professionally registered service centre that you choose.

Most manufacturers try to scare new car owner by implying that using independent mechanics, like Coastbay, for log book servicing, may void vehicle warrantee. A campaign is underway to prevent them doing this. See the Choice of Repairer website for more information.

When you get your log book servicing done by Coastbay you’re getting the very best in automotive care, with staff receiving regular training to ensure their skills are kept up-to-date.